How to Remove Pet Hair From Upholstery

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Pet hair can be removed from furniture upholstery with a lint brush that is rolled, picked up and wiped. Avoid putting pet hair back onto furniture when using a lint brush with help from a residential home cleaner in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Hi my name is Sandy and I'm with the Maids Home Services. I wanted to talk to you about how to remove pet hair from upholstery furniture. This is actually a lint brush, it's a fabric lint brush. New House makes it. It has a texture on it that will help remove the hair from the fibers of the furniture. So obviously moving it in one direction will do one thing and moving it in another direction will do another. Depending on, depending on the grooves of your furniture. And you'll have to test each piece to make sure to see which direction is going to work for you. It could either be to the left or to the right. And you'll be able to test it out. You'll take the brush and just testing a surface going one direction and picking it up. You don't want to do this because it's, if you do not lift the brush you are going to be putting the hair back on to the furniture. So just make sure that you're putting the brush down pick up and wipe. Bring it forward, pick up and wipe. When the hair gets to be too much and you are starting to leave pieces behind, you'll just want to remove it make yourself a little pile until you get done with your area. And that's how you clean pet hair from upholstery.