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  • Special Flowers

    :p check out this URL for some great blooming flowers. Have a great day? Linda B from SC http://www.procreo.jp/labo/flower_garden.swf When the black screen comes up, just start clicking up all those flowers :-) More

  • Flowers to identify

    Can anyone identify these two flowers? I think these came out of the wildflower mix. The first two are a front and back view of the same flower stalk. That one has a spur on each flower and they are purple on the inside of each flower. The second two...a… More

  • Mango Flowers!

    My Carrie mango tree is loaded with flowers this year. I haven't had a mango off of this tree since 2004. This is the first time it has flowered since back then. :D More

  • orange flowers

    ...od day to all! I have been seeing these beautiful flowers orange in color I know they are hardy because they come back but I sure would like to know what they are and does any one have any seeds to share with me? I have seen them… More

  • More flowers from my yard

    Be sure to check out the insects on my sunflower. More

  • My flowers in garden....

    ...log to share.But now, I have some photos about my flowers fence to all of friends in Garden guides. More

  • Edible cut flowers

    Any recommendations for flowers suited to the PacNW that are both edible and make great cut flowers? Extra credit if they also have medicinal value. I have a fascination with making my garden both aethetic & edible. I already have several flowering herbs such as lavender, chamomile & hyssop; although… More

  • Trumpet vine flowers

    ... three years a go. Vines are growing well, but no flowers. Why not??? Will I ever get flowers? More

  • Birth Flowers

    ...ught everyone might enjoy this information on the flowers that represent the months of the year. It is from Daves Garden. http://davesgarden.com/guides/articles/view/1308/?utm_source=nl_2009-01-12&utm_medium=email More

  • Does your Husband pick U flowers from Roadside?

    We would see little wild flowers on the side of road and I was always saying how pretty they are.So after that I get flowers from the roadside. Its just very special to me. I told him I'd rather have them than $60 dollar roses.My husband is a sweetheart! He… More

  • Plaid Flowers?

    I inherited this plant (along with several flower gardens) when I purchased the house. I really love the flowers which look almost plaid!! I have never seen anything like it before and have no clue what it is. Can anyone out there help me? More

  • Question about fertilizing flowers

    ...read somewhere that not all annuals and perennial flowers like fertilizer. I use Miracle grow on everything. So could you all tell me which flowers do not like miracle grow? Thanks More

  • Hawaiian flowers?

    Can anyone tell me the names of these flowers? I took the photos while on vacation in Hawaii.Thanks! More

  • Southern Wisconsin Flowers

    I'm planting flower gardens around the patio, what flowers and shrubs would be good for surounding a patio? More

  • Mystery Flowers

    I recieved these two sets of flowers as a gift, I don't know what they are or how to care for them. Please help me identify them before I inadvertently kill them. More

  • More rock flowers

    Well,I've found more rock flowers pictures in a forum.They are so smart.Hope you will like them. More

  • first flowers

    ...d violets are coming to life.its the only outside flower i have that blooms all year. More

  • Some of my flowers

    Here are some of my flowers.....this was the first time I grew any flower from a seed. I was really proud of the Sunflowers expecially..... More

  • flowers

    .... Hydrangea is doing awsome this year... And wild flowers are thriving as well:banana-wa More

  • Help, What are these flowers

    Hi. I see these flowers everywhere on the side of the road and near the woods. I think they are very pretty for weeds. If Anyone knows what they are called or anything about them (transplanting, there seeds, etc..) PLEASE let me know. Thank you!!!! 72407 72408 More

  • Flowers

    Enjoy it!!! More

  • Some of my flowers

    :D I thought I would share some of my flowers that just bloomed. I hope you like them! More

  • All my flowers

    ...feel as if I'm in Southeast Asia now. However, my flowers look good now. The following pictures show my properties of flowers. Most of them are not bought from the market. The capillaire is… More

  • What Flowers are these???

    Verbena hybrida and Pelargonium 'Cherry Orbit' a seed-grown hybrid geranium (Pelargonium hortorum) More

  • white flowers

    I have no clue what these are More

  • drying flowers

    how long after I pick flowers should I spray them to preserve the colors etc. They are hydarngea and seedum. help please More

  • Unknown Flowers

    Please identify these plants... Thanks More

  • Flowers Throughout the Season

    i thought i would share some of my flowers throughout the season with you all. More

  • Flowers help my psychosis.

    It seems to me that the more I am around flowers, the better my symptoms seem to get. How do flowers affect you? More

  • Flowers in China

    There are so many beautiful flowers in China. More

  • MY Flowers

    These are different flowers from my yard. I think they are beautiful... More