How to Make a Memorial Flower Bouquet


Remembering a loved one or friend with a memorial bouquet is thoughtful without being intrusive. Bouquets for a memorial service are larger than those sent to the home. Many color options exist for your bouquet. White is always an appropriate color choice. If the deceased was in the armed forces or known to be patriotic, the colors of the flag work well.

Step 1

Condition the flowers, even if freshly cut from the garden, by immersing their stems up to the level of the flowers in iced water for an hour.

Step 2

Cut the stems of the all the flowers and the greenery to three different lengths. Cut the shortest length 4 inches taller than the height of the vase. Cut the next group 6 inches taller than the vase and the last group 12 inches taller than the vase. With the suggested 12-inch vase, the flowers and greenery would be 16, 18 and 24 inches tall.

Step 3

Remove any leaves from the stems that will be below water when in the vase. Replace in the ice water.

Step 4

Fill the vase with water and one teaspoon of household bleach. Let set for ten minutes, rinse and drain. Put a 2-inch layer of glass marbles in the bottom of the vase. Fill with 4 inches of water.

Step 5

Arrange the greenery by sticking the stems in between the marbles. The tallest stems go in the back, the mid-length stems in the middle and the short stems in the front. This arrangement is meant to be viewed from the front and sides.

Step 6

Place the calla lilies in the arrangement the same way as the greenery; tall in the back, mid-size in the middle and short stems in the front. Spread them evenly throughout the greenery. Place the carnations next and then the roses. Cut the largest rose's stem so the flower is only 2 inches above the lip of the vase to anchor the arrangement. Fill in with the gypsophila.

Step 7

View the vase from the front and sides and adjust any flowers.

Step 8

Fill the vase with another 2-inch layer of marbles by dropping them down the sides. This will keep all the stems in place.

Things You'll Need

  • White carnations, roses, gypsophila and calla lilies
  • Greenery
  • Bucket and ice water
  • Scissors
  • Vase, 12 inches tall
  • Glass marbles


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Who Can Help

  • Floral Craft Resource: How to Arrange Flowers
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