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What Do Peach-Colored Roses Mean?

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Roses are among the most popular of flowers. In addition to possessing long, sturdy stems, bountiful blooms composed of densely-packed petals, and pleasing fragrances, roses are available in virtually every color of the rainbow. Though they have been traditionally associated with love and romance, the symbolism of roses varies according to their color. Peach-colored roses have a specific meaning that, along with their lovely hue, distinguishes them from roses in other colors.

Meaning Of Peach-Colored Roses

The color of roses is a characteristic many people take into consideration when either giving or receiving them as a gift. The practice of ascribing certain meanings to particular types and colors of flowers became a widespread tradition during the Victorian era---one that has persisted in the present day. Peach-colored roses signify feelings of gratitude and appreciation as well as admiration and sympathy. The gift of a peach rose can also express the sentiment, "Let's get together."

Meanings Of Roses In Other Colors

Peach-colored roses are not the only ones to be associated with a specific sentiment. Roses in virtually every color have been ascribed their own meanings. For example, red roses are symbolic of passionate love; white roses indicate innocence and humility; yellow roses are associated with friendship and freedom; and lavender roses indicate love at first sight or enchantment.

Varieties Of Peach-Colored Roses

There are several hundred varieties of roses, which means there are numerous types of peach-colored roses available. These include the following: Jude the Obscure, Marilyn Monroe, Apricot Nectar, Sweet Dream, Norwich Castle, Summer Dream and Sweet Juliet.

Caring For Peach-Colored Cut Roses

Cut the bottom inch off of the stems of your peach-colored roses at a sharp angle immediately before placing them in fresh, cool water. Make sure the container in which you place the roses is clean, and that no leaves are submerged in the water. Change the water daily to keep it free of bacteria that can shorten the lives of your peach-colored cut roses. When you change the water, give the rose stems a fresh cut. Keep peach-colored roses in a cool location and away from direct sunlight.

Preserving Peach-Colored Cut Roses

You can use one of several different methods to preserve the beauty and sentiment of peach-colored roses. Tie the peach roses in a bunch and hang them upside down in a cool, shady place until they dry. Or, remove the peach-colored petals from the roses and spread them out on a baking sheet in a dry, cool location for several days to air dry. The air-dried roses will have a slightly shrunken, curled appearance. You can leave the peach-colored roses intact and place their stems in a solution of glycerin and water, which results in preserved roses that are soft and supple, and retain their true peach color. You can also press the peach colored rose stems or petals between the pages of a heavy book and leave them undisturbed for several days while they dry into smooth, flat forms.

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