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Why Do Cut Roses Droop Their Heads?

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A cut-rose bouquet adds both fragrance and beauty to a room. A few steps in the cutting process will help prevent roses from drooping in the vase. Roses droop from dehydration, bacteria or a lack of sugar.


When a rose is cut from the bush, an air bubble often becomes lodged in the stem of the plant once it is placed in water. The air bubble blocks the flower's ability to suck up water. Consider re-cutting the rose flower's stem under warm water prior to putting the flower stem in the vase to prevent an air bubble from forming. This will prevent the flower from drooping.

Sugar Benefits

Adding a floral preservative that provides sugar and nutrients to the water will prevent drooping. Floral preservatives are available at most garden supply stores and florists. Adding a bit of sugar to the water prior to placing the cut flower stem into it can also help prevent early drooping.

Cutting Time

Cut rose flowers in the early morning or late afternoon when the plant has the maximum amount of sugar within its stems. Watering the day before cutting a bouquet will also help hydrate the blossom and prevent early drooping once cut.

Cut The Stems Of Roses

Bushes covered in stately rose blooms add color to the garden, but the flowers also add a sophisticated touch to indoor arrangements. When cutting roses from your garden for indoor vases, you must cut the rose stems properly so you don't damage or weaken the bush. Cut roses can remain in bloom for up to two weeks when cared for correctly. Select roses for cutting that aren't yet open, but with petals that are loosening and beginning to spread. Cut these roses early in the day when it's cool outside but after the morning dew has dried. Cut through the stem ΒΌ inch above the five leaflets at a 45-degree angle, using sharp, clean shears. Plunge the cut end of the rose stem into the container of water immediately after cutting it. Repeat for each rose stem you cut. Place the container of roses in a cool room indoors, away from direct sunlight.

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