Creating a Drainage System for Your Azaleas

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How to create a working drainage system for your bed of azaleas explained by a horticulturist in this free botany video.. View Video Transcript

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga. I am a professional gardener and today I am representing Let’s talk about drainage. Drainage as you know is a very important factor for Azaleas especially when winter approaches us because the roots are so sensitive and there is no drainage involved, it is going to kill the plant completely. I have lucked out today. My location is just perfect just for what I can see and observed. This particular home sits on top of a hill somewhat and it just kind of goes down and it is going to help the water execute to the end of the property, so I feel that I am not going to have a drainage problem. If you want to be a $100 percent sure that there is no drainage problem, what I suggest for you to do is dig a hole the size of a 1 gallon container, fill it up with water, let it rests for 4 hours, come back. If there is water there, you have a drainage problem. If your persistence is that oh, I am determined that this is the site that I want and I am having drainage problem, well there are 2 options that I can work on. Either you build an underground wall for the drainage which is going to cost or you can just be creative and plant the shrub above the ground and fill it up with dirt and just feel it up like dirt and it will be like a little hill. This is why we refer to as how to observe and be100 percent sure that there is n drainage problem.