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How to Transplant Carpet Grass

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Carpet grass is a hardy lawn grass with a shallow root system. This makes it an ideal candidate for transplanting. The real trick to transplanting carpet grass is in the preparation of the soil. In effect, when you are transplanting carpet grass you are creating small pieces of grass sod which you are laying in a new location, and so the procedure for transplanting carpet grass is the same as planting new sod. With a little effort, your newly transplanted carpet grass can soon be thriving and provide you with many years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Water the area where you wish to plant your carpet grass to encourage the growth of weeds and other vegetation.

Spray the area with a wide-spectrum herbicide seven days after watering. Do not water for 24 hours before or after spraying and do not spray if there is any wind or if rain is predicted within the next 24 hours.

Rake off all of the dead vegetation seven days after spraying the area with herbicide. Remove as much dead vegetation as possible and remove rocks and other debris.

Spread 1 inch of compost on the soil, then rototill the compost into the top 4 inches of soil. Do not rototill any deeper than 4 inches, as carpet grass has a very shallow root system.

Rake the area again with a steel rake to remove roots, rocks and other debris turned up by the rototiller. Use the rake to level the soil at the same time.

Dig up a 2-foot-by-2-foot section of carpet grass sod. Shove the shovel straight down approximately 4 inches to outline a 2-by-2-foot square. With the shovel, and pry up approximately 4 inches of ground. The bulk of the carpet grass roots will be in this section. Cut straight across to the other edge of the square. Carefully lift out this section of the old carpet grass, taking as much of the dirt and roots as possible. You have just created a small piece of sod for replanting.

Lay the cut squares of carpet grass sod on the prepared lawn and gently press down with your foot so they are firmly planted in the new soil.

Water well and keep the ground moist, but not saturated, for 21 days. Water as needed based on weather conditions, watering more often when the weather is hot and dry.


Do not fertilize your new lawn for at least one month after transplanting to avoid burning the roots.

Your new lawn will soon crowd out most other grasses and vegetation.


Do not mow the newly transplanted carpet grass for 21 days.

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