How to Feed a Warm-Season Lawn

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Warm-season lawns are fed with dry molasses, fertilizer, a spray of seaweed and molasses and an organic compost. Feed a warm-season lawn with tips from a professional landscaper in this free video on lawns and gardening. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Let's talk a little bit about how to feed a warm season lawn. We do everything at Showplace Lawns organically so we are doing things on a regular basis. We spray lawns once a month with a mixture of liquid seaweed, molasses and a soil activator. That helps the lawn to be more heat tolerant, drought tolerant, and puts more potassium in the root system to help it grow. The other thing that is done of course is fertilizer. We fertilize three times a year, at least twice with that third time being an option. If we fertilizer in April the option month is June and then again in October. We have another spray that we use called compostee. The compostee is like a vitamin and a great disease preventer. It puts some energy back into the soil and helps it work. These are the three things that we will do in addition to one dry molasses application in a year to help build up the carbohydrates. That is important in the grass just like it is for you and I and our health. So dry molasses, fertilizer, a spray of seaweed and molasses and a compostee. These are excellent ways to feed and care for a warm season grass.