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When to Apply Scotts Fertilizer with Plus 2 Weed Control

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If you want a perfect lawn, you have to get rid of weeds. There are two options for removing weeds: pulling them out by by hand or applying chemicals. Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control is a chemical method for controlling dandelions, clover and other broadleaf weeds.

When and How to Apply

Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2 should be applied when weeds are actively growing. Applying the product before weeds emerge is a waste of time, money and effort. The manufacturer cautions that the product should not be used more than two times each year.

Apply Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2 to a wet or damp lawn, following the directions exactly as written on the bag. If you don’t want to water your entire lawn, apply the product in the early morning when the lawn is damp from the morning dew.

Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2 is not recommended for use on the following grasses: St. Augustine, Dichonra, Lippia, carpetgrass and bentgrass. The product is safe for bluegrass, fescue, ryegrass, bahiagrass, common Bermudagrass, dentipedegrass and zoysia grass.

Within four to ten days, the weeds will begin to show effects of the chemicals, although clover may take longer. You'll notice curling and wilting before the weeds turn brown. Though not specified on the manufacturer’s website, some users have reported that the product does not work on crab grass

Application Tips

Don't water your lawn for at least 48 hours after applying Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2. Watch the weather reports to make sure that rain is not predicted for 48 hours.

If you overuse the product, it can burn your lawn. As a precaution, don't allow pets or children on the lawn and do not walk barefoot on it until the first good soaking of rain, which will dissolve any remaining chemicals.

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