Information About Coconut Plants

Information About Coconut Plants image by OldGreySeaWolf:
Information About Coconut Plants image by OldGreySeaWolf:


Coconut plants are palm trees that grow all year long. It is the most important of all the palms because the fruit of the coconut plant is the most widely used nut in the world.


Coconut plants produce white flowers and green leaves that stay on the plant year-round. The flowers appear when it is four years old. The coconut plant will reach a mature height of about 60 feet.


The coconut plant will not survive in areas where the winter temperatures fall to 18 degrees or lower. Temperatures below 32 degrees will cause damage. It can be found in Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


Plant the coconut plant in a hole that is at least 60 inches deep to allow for the roots to spread.


The coconut tree is used to make food, fibers, building materials and chemicals. It is also used as a shade tree in salty areas where other large trees will not survive.


The coconut plant is susceptible to lethal yellowing, bud rot and trunk rot. Insects such as scales, palm aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, palm weevils and caterpillars can also cause problems.


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