Information on How to Grow Mushrooms


Many people shy away from growing mushrooms to eat because a fear of the poisonous varieties. However, if you buy your spores from a reputable company, you can grow them at home and the end result will be fresh mushrooms to use in your cooking at less of a cost than buying them in the grocery store.

Step 1

Decide on the type of mushroom you want to grow. Different mushrooms grow in different soils or material. For example, shitake need a wood base while white buttons do better in a manure mix.

Step 2

Purchase spores or spawn through a quality dealer. Spawn are mushrooms that have already started to grow, while spores are more like seeds. You can find dealers online or through local markets such as a farmer's market or greenhouse.

Step 3

Set up the growing area. This is basically the same for all mushroom types. They like dark, damp areas that are cool. Put the growing medium in a container in a place such as a basement. Add the spores or spawn to the medium. Do not insert them into soil or try to plug them in areas. Just lay on the medium and leave them for a few weeks. For optimum growth keep the temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit until they root and then drop it to around 60 F.

Step 4

Harvest mushrooms when the top has grown fully and pulled away from the stem. This will take around six weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Container
  • Growing medium (varies depending on mushroom type)
  • Spores or spawn


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