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How to Layout PVC Pipe For Sprinkler System

Learn how to layout PVC piping while installing an irrigation system in this free landscaping video.


We are going over a sprinkler system and particularly we are going over laying out your pvc before you actually get started. It is very important that you take the time to layout your materials as you are doing this process because once you have dug out your trenches and you know where you are going to go you also need to have a preliminary design incorporated by actually laying out the pvc piping. What this would do it will allow you to see like here what you are going to need, what connectors you are going to use that should compliment your plants that you have already created. It just gives you a better visual sense and also helps you give you a schematically of what you are going to cut and how much you might need as far as piping and where your problem area is particularly going to lye. Here you could see there is some tree branches that we where concerned with and had to make some changes to go around but if something is not clear, it is not deep enough, it might need to cut out some more of the dirt to create more of a adapt further down to meet needs of that actual sprinkler. Then laying out the piping ahead of time that is one of the things it would do. Here you could see we are about 6 inches deep and going against a little bit of the cement walk way here this is actually a pretty good depth here and in the southern California area where we are using the plastic pvc piping and just given us this schematic of visually apprehending with the adjoining sprinkler head. This is a large sprinkler head that we are using in the backyard. Here you can also see that the pvc piping is going to fit there perfectly and we are going to have many contours to deal as we are going to move forward and start installing the actually sprinklers and join the pvc piping together.