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Tips for Taking Care of the Gardenia Plant

By Nicholas Staddon ; Updated September 21, 2017

Taking care of the gardenia plant is something that you should do by keeping those plants a little on the moist side. Get tips for taking care of the gardenia plant with help from an experienced gardening expert in this free video clip.


This is Nicholas Staddon for Monrovia, talking about tips for taking care of your Gardenia plant. It's really easy. Summer's here, the garden looks fantastic. We're up on the patio, and we're going to spend some time with our gardenias. You know they're really easy to look after. Simple tips: They like to be a little bit on the moist side. Depending where you are in America they're either sun or dappled shade. I live in Southern California. My gardenias are in the full sun all year and look absolutely fantastic. Don't be afraid to prune them every now and again. What you're looking for is a nice well rounded bush. The soil you planted them in an acidic soil with some mulch as well. Don't be afraid every now and again to get a good handful of that organic mix and just put her in there to keep that soil level built up. Fertilizer is really important because they like to be nice and green and also lots of color. They're heavy feeders. And so with that in mind every now and again the recommended dose of fertilizer and you'll keep those blooms coming. Now it might well be that you start to see your Gardenias turning a little bit yellow. Chances are she's actually short of iron. But there's a great way to solve that problem, apart from feeding the plant iron, and that is to buy a grassy gardenia. This is a really super variety. This ensures that your plant will be a much stronger, fuller, healthier variety. And they really never turn yellow. So those are just a few great tips to keep your plant looking fantastic in your garden. So now you know how to do it. My name is Nicholas Staddon, I'm with Monrovia. Get out there, buy a gardenia plant, get a pot, some great soil, and just go to it. You'll love it.


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