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How to Care for a Gardenia Plant

By Lacy Enderson

Gardenias are beautiful flowers with a strong, pleasant fragrance. Gardenia plants do best growing in full, bright sunshine and high humidity. Gardeners find gardenias to be a difficult flower to grow, yet others have succeeded with no problem by following a few specific requirements. Keeping gardenia plants in a cool location, with temperatures no higher than 55 degrees F during the night and 65 degrees F during the day, is the best match for the gardenia's native environment.

Place your gardenia plants in a south facing window where the sun shines brightest.

Place the gardenia plants on moist pebbles and run a humidifier nearby; this will increase humidity, especially in the winter months.

Water your gardenia plants whenever the top inch of soil dries.

Add a fertilizer made for plants that thrive in acidic conditions, such as azaleas. Check the labels on the fertilizer containers to find the right one. Fertilize between April and November.

Remove and destroy all diseased leaves to prevent spreading infection. Sterilize any knives or snips used for cutting with bleach. Use a fungicide on the plant if it gets infected. Follow the instructions on the label.



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