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Garden Bench Landscape Ideas

By Callie Barber ; Updated September 21, 2017

An outdoor garden can be one of the most relaxing areas of a home, especially when this private oasis has a garden bench. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, garden benches offer a way to add extra seating for outdoor parties or just relaxing after a long day of gardening. Have fun nestling your garden bench within your outdoor landscape for an inviting and cozy spot to enjoy all year round.

Courtyard Bench

Add garden benches along the perimeter of the courtyard to define the space. Find a garden bench made from slate or flagstone, materials that complement the natural surroundings of a courtyard. Place the benches side-by-side for a long bench design or scatter them every 2 to 3 feet for separate intimate seating areas. Make space for colorful and hardy plants and flowers in between the benches. Keep them in containers with bright colors and textures that complement the benches. Along the edge of a bench, add an accent table where you or your guests can rest a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

Wrap-Around Bench

Create a sanctuary around your favorite tree by adding a wrap-around bench. This curved bench encircles the tree for a prime spot from which to view your garden. A bench under your favorite shade tree provides an inviting space to use for relaxing and reading your favorite book. You can also store garden tools under this bench. Add some pillows for a burst of color.

Planter Bench

Flanked with a planter on each side, a bench planter is a sturdy bench that looks attractive along an outdoor patio or nestled within the garden. Typically made from wood, this bench rests on a pair of outdoor garden pots filled with your favorite plants and flowers. Use a colorful glazed container to contrast with the natural bench color. Overflowing ornamental grasses or perennial blooms are ideal plants to use here because they come back each year, fuller and taller. Add small annuals like pansies to fill in hard-to-reach areas of the planter and add color to the garden bench.


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