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How to Keep Deer Away From Arborvitae

By Alicia Bodine
Deer will eat your arborvitae trees if you don't protect them.
deer image by Henryk Olszewski from Fotolia.com

Arborvitae trees are evergreen trees with nice soft leaves. They can grow to reach 30 feet high and 10 feet wide. These trees thrive during the winter season, making them a prime target for deer looking for a meal. If you have arborvitae trees on your property, find ways to keep deer away from them. If you don't, the deer can eat all of the leaves and leave the tree looking sickly.

Set up a motion-activated sprinkler near your arborvitae trees. Whenever deer step near the trees, the sprinkler will detect them and shoot out a few streams of water. This will scare the deer and send them in the opposite direction.

Collect human hair and place it in a pair of stockings. Tie the stockings to the arborvitae trees. The trick to keeping deer away with human hair lies in using unwashed hair; the deer will pick up the human scent and stay away.

Repel the deer with a homemade repellent made of eggs and water. Beat your eggs and then add them to the water. Use a spray bottle to spray this repellent onto the leaves of your arborvitae trees.

Set up an 8-foot-high fence around your property. (Deer can jump shorter fences.) Though an expensive solution, a fence is the only 100 percent effective solution. The fence will protect any arborvitae trees on your property.


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