Understand Which tomatoes are Sauce tomatoes

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Meaty, drier varieties of tomatoes make for great sauces, pastes and salsas. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Then we have your sauce or paste or plum tomatoes. They are what you use for cooking tomato sauce or salsas, ketchup, they are much meatier, more drier so they cook down faster, they thicken up faster. This is the Roman Candle, real nice in our salsa, add a real nice color. Of course the sauce tomatoes, just like all the other ones, comes in all different colors. This is an Italian Red Pear, there's a Black Pear, similar color to this with this shape. This is a Polish Linguisa, very meaty, this is what the chefs love to see when they're making a sauce. Some of the other sauce varieties would be San Marzano, Black Plum, Black Pear like we mentioned, Speckled Roman is similar to this but it has an orange stripe skin to it - very beautiful.