Dried Tomato Dressing Recipe

Step 1

Start this 6-12 hours before you want to use it on a salad.

Step 2

Break the dried tomato into small pieces. Put in a ceramic bowl. Pour on just enough vinegar to barely cover the tomato pieces. Crumble the dried herbs over the tomato pieces. Mix them in a bit. Add the oil. Stir. Leave to marinate in the fridge, stirring occasionally until you are ready to dress the salad.

We put this on a romaine lettuce salad. The salad also had anise slices, and orange pieces. I don't think we put any onion in, but I was a bit tipsy on my friends' homemade wine when I was putting together the salad so can't remember what all went in it. It was a fairly simple green salad though. No celery or carrots or green peppers in it.

This recipe for dressing got rave reviews from my friends and will be the recipe I include with the dried tomatoes I made for Christmas gifts this year.

Created by Sandra P. Hoffman Submitted By SANDRA HOFFMAN On MON, 20 NOV 1995 215516 -0500 (EST)

Things You'll Need

  • 4 Dried tomatoes, 4" diameter
  • Vinegar, red wine
  • 1/2c Olive oil
  • 1ts Basil, dried
  • 1ts Thyme, dried
  • 1/2ts Rosemary, dried

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