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The Best Way Cut Down Pampas Grass

By Andrea Hermitt

Pampas grass is an ornamental grass native to South America. Many people plant it to create an ornamental landscaping design, but later regret it as it grows out of hand. Pampas grass produces millions of seeds that do not require pollination to spread. It spreads aggressively and competes with other vegetation. In addition, the sharp edges of the blades makes it difficult to groom. Here are some tips to help you in your efforts to trim or remove pampas grass.

Gather your yools

To cut down or trim pampas grass, you will need several lengths of strong rope, a chainsaw and hedge clippers. This list might seem drastic for an innocent-looking grass, but the tools are required. You will want to wear protective gloves, a long-sleeve shirt and long pants as well.

Bind the plant

Recruit someone to help you bind the pampas grass plants. Use three ropes. First tie the top of the grass and plumes together. Next, tie the center of the plant right above where you plan to cut it. Finally tie the plate firmly at the base. Use more rope as needed to ensure the plant is sturdy and upright.

Cut down the pampas grass

Fire up the chainsaw and cut the grass as if you were cutting down a small tree. Cut it between the bottom and middle ropes, and dispose of the top of the plant, making sure to not spread more seeds. At this point, you can remove the bottom rope and trim the pampas grass with the clippers to make it attractive.

If you want to remove the grass

To remove the pampas grass completely, cut it with the chainsaw as close to the ground as possible and dig up the roots a shovel. After you have removed as much of the plant material as possible, spray weed killer to kill any remaining roots.


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