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How to Remove the Spool from a Craftsman Weedeater

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Line trimmers make quick work of manicuring the edges of your lawn, along driveways and sidewalks to give your yard a professional grooming. When the line no longer advances and the spool is empty, you need to stop and replace the spool to continue on your mission. Craftsman weed trimmers are one of the easiest when it comes to accessing and changing the spool, so you lose little time to do so.

Step 1

Press the engine “On/Stop” switch and release it to stop the trimmer.

Step 2

Allow the trimmer to cool for a few minutes. Wipe the bottom of the cutting head off with a towel to remove grass, dirt and debris.

Step 3

Grasp the rubber boot on the spark plug and pull it straight off. This disengages the spark plug so the engine can’t start accidentally.

Step 4

Turn the trimmer over so the tap button on the bottom is facing up. Firmly grasp the line advancing tap button and pull it off.

Step 5

Clean the interior hub with a towel to remove any debris and allow the new trimmer line spool to turn easily. Pull the old spool and any remaining line out of the hub.

Step 6

Remove the tape from a new pre-wound trimmer spool. Pull out about 6 inches of line, lock it into the notch and insert the loose end through the line exit hole in the hub. Press the spool into the hub until it snaps and pull the loose line from the notch.

Step 7

Press the hub firmly back onto the cutting head and replace the spark plug wire.


Keep an extra pre-wound spool on hand to enable quick reloads of trimmer line without the need to go to a store.


Craftsman replacement spools are color-coded by the weight. Buy replacement spools in the same color as your original spool to ensure a long-lasting product. Heavier line can damage the engine and cause premature failure.


Wear long pants, a long-sleeve shirt, safety glasses and closed-toe shoes for safety purposes when operating a string trimmer.

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