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How to Change the String in an Eager Beaver Trimmer

Sooner or later you will need to change the string on your Poulan Eager Beaver trimmer. Replacing the string is not as complicated as you think. The Eager Beaver trimmer has two channels for two pieces of trimmer string. The string spool clearly indicates which direction to wind the string and also provides locking holes to retain the string while you wind and place the spool back into the housing.

Disconnect the wire from the spark plug. Pull the end of the spark plug wire off the spark plug with your fingers.

Grasp the tap button firmly with your fingers and pull the tap button away from the spool and hub. Pull the spool out of the spool housing with your fingers and clean the inside of the spool housing. Remove any remaining line off the spool.

Cut two 12-foot pieces of trimmer line off a stock line roll. Locate the two small holes on the side of the spool inside the two line channels. Insert one end of each line half an inch into the holes.

Wind the lines evenly and tightly in the direction of the arrows on the side of the spool for each respective line channel. Insert the last 5 inches of each line into the retaining notches on the side of the spool.

Insert the spool into the spool housing and guide the line ends through the eyelets in the housing. Push down until the spool locks into place. Pull out on the line ends to disengage the line from the holding notches.

Place the tap button over the center of the spool and push down until the tap button locks into position. Push the plug wire back onto the spark plug.


Always disconnect the spark plug before making repairs to your Eager Beaver trimmer.

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