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In-ground Pools That Look Like a Pond

By Augustus Clipper
Natural pools embrace assymetrical shapes and natural materials.

In-ground pools that mimic either the look or conditions of a pond or lake are referred to as natural ponds. Natural pools range from replica style pools to less rigid designs that embrace the mood of natural bathing but incorporate a more structured aesthetic. In any case the pool looks pond-like in both the water and its surrounding landscape and plantings.

Natural Swim Ponds

For the ultimate natural swimming experience, opt for a natural swim pond rather than a more traditional pool. Swim ponds implement natural filtering systems, including using organic matter such as plants to filter and clean the water. Swim ponds are dug directly into the ground without the use of poured concrete or retaining walls utilized in traditional pool design. Swim ponds exhibit naturally sloping perimeters. Swim ponds vary in design from vegetation-free swimming holes to pools planted with marshy vegetation for a truly natural aesthetic.

Natural Swim Pools

Swim pools use similar filtration systems to the natural swim ponds; however, they differ in construction. Swim pools use nearly identical installation procedures as traditional in-ground pools although the aesthetic, as well as the plumbing system, differ significantly. Natural swim pools are rarely symmetrically shaped but rather embrace irregularity in an attempt to mimic natural ponds. Natural swim pools use a treatment area that resembles a small pond or water garden which filters the water through plants and bacteria. The treatment areas are designed as part of your landscape to disguise their function.

In-ground Natural Pools

In-ground natural pools loosely include the in-ground pool which implements traditional water conditioning systems but embraces a natural aesthetic. This style utilizes features such as soft green or brown pool lining material, natural edging, such as stone, and landscape plantings on the exterior of the pool to mimic the look and feel of a pond setting. In-ground natural pools typically look the least like natural ponds as they still rely on poured concrete foundations and chemical treatment systems.


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