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Swimming Pool Lighting Regulations

hand-rails to the night illuminated swimming pool . image by Sergey Mostovoy from

Many public swimming pools have lights for swimming at night. Swimming pools must meet certain standards regarding lighting and electrical wiring before permits are approved and given to the operators of the pools.

Electrical Wiring

Public swimming pools must meet the standards of the National Electrical Code (NEC). Ground-fault interrupters are required for all electrical outlets and pool lights surrounding the entire pool complex, including equipment rooms and dressing rooms. Overhead electrical wiring cannot pass within 20 feet of the swimming pool enclosure.

Underwater Lighting

Public pools equipped with underwater lighting are required to have no less than 500W/1000W per square foot of the pool surface area. Outdoor and indoor pools operating after dark must have artificial lighting installed, making the maindrains visible at all times. Lighting is required to be placed so that all areas of the swimming pool are clearly visible and without glare.

Pool Deck

If the pool is used at night, all areas of the pool deck must be well-lit with artificial lighting. Operators of public swimming pools are required to have adequate lighting on the pool deck, in dressing rooms and on walkways. Lighting should not be excessively bright to avoid causing glare or blindness.

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