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The Advantages of Indoor vs. Outdoor Pools

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Swimming pools provide not only exercise but also relaxation to any home. Traditional swimming pools are uncovered, and are exposed to the elements; however, newer pools can be enclosed to provide year-round enjoyment no matter where you live. While indoor and outdoor swimming pools provide similar benefits, indoor pools offer several advantages when compared to their outdoor counterparts.


Indoor swimming pools are exponentially easier to clean as you do not have to worry about insects, tree debris and other items falling into the pool. Outdoor swimming pools are exposed to the elements, and so require regular cleaning to ensure that the water is not only safe to swim in, but also free of debris. Even though indoor swimming pools do not collect external debris, owners must still chemically treat the pools for them to remain hygienically safe. Saltwater pools reduce the amount of chemicals needed as salt sanitizes the water without the use of chlorine.

Year-Round Swimming

Perhaps one of the most notable advantages of an indoor swimming pool is the fact that use is not limited to a specific time of year. Those living in areas of the country with cold winters are unable to swim throughout all four seasons with an outdoor pool; however, indoor swimming pool enjoyment is not limited to the spring and summer months. While the installation of indoor or outdoor swimming pools can be costly, indoor pools provide you with more use for every dollar spent.

Sun Safety

One of the major attractions of outdoor swimming pools is the ability to sunbathe. While soaking in the sun's rays can introduce Vitamin D into the body, excessive exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer, advanced aging and eye damage, according to the World Health Organization. Indoor swimming pools can provide water-time fun without the dangers of overexposure to the sun; however, if you wish to occasionally enjoy sunbathing a retractable roof can be installed above the pool.

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