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Polaris 180 Troubleshooting

By Justin A. Mann ; Updated September 21, 2017
Clean your pool with a Polaris 180 pool cleaner.

Automatic pool cleaners reduce the manual maintenance time required by pools. A cleaner like the Polaris model 180 moves over the majority of all pool surfaces, using pressure from a booster pump to remove debris and dirt from the surface. Water from the pump runs through the Polaris 180's hose system quickly to create the force used to propel the cleaner. Troubleshooting the Polaris model 180 pool cleaner involves clearing the hose of any blockages, emptying and cleaning the mesh bag and cleaning the quick disconnect's mesh screen.

Step 1

Shut down the swimming pool's filter and pump to cut off water flowing to the Polaris 180. Lift the Polaris 180 by the hose out of the pool water.

Step 2

Unscrew the plastic nut holding the hose to the body of the Polaris 180 by hand and pull the hose off the body. Run water from a garden hose through the Polaris hose to clear away any debris blocking the interior. A clogged hose dramatically reduces water pressure in the cleaner and restricts its cleaning and movement capabilities. Place the Polaris hose on the Polaris body and screw the nut back into place.

Step 3

Un-clip the large mesh bag from on top of the Polaris 180. Empty any material inside the bag. Spray the bag with a garden hose to rinse away smaller debris. Reattach the bag to the top of the Polaris 180. A mesh bag that is not properly cleaned causes the Polaris to tip to one side due to the weight in the bag.

Step 4

Twist the Polaris 180's quick disconnect (the cylinder-like device plugged into the pool's wall) counter-clockwise to free it from the pool wall. Pull the metallic mesh container out from the interior of the quick disconnect. Clean the container with a garden hose and ensure no gunk blocks the mesh. A clogged up quick disconnect restricts the Polaris 180's movement and may cause other problems in the pool lines.


Things You Will Need

  • Garden hose

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