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Jacuzzi Sand Filter Instructions

By Vanessa Ryan ; Updated September 21, 2017

The job of a pool filter is to remove dirt, debris and other waste from your swimming pool water to ensure sanitary conditions for swimmers. A Jacuzzi sand filter is an effective filter for an above ground or vinyl-lined in-ground pool. You can choose from a few models, and operating instructions are not complicated to follow.

Position the filter tank on a foundation that is solid and secure, as close to the pool as is possible. Wait until you decide on the final place before you set the sand filter inside the tank.

Remove diverter/basket from the filter and press down on the standpipe to ensure it is assembled properly and securely in place.

Look in the bag of parts to find the plastic standpipe cover, and then slide it over the standpipe so no sand can enter. Some models may have the cover installed already.

Run water into the tank until it is approximately half full. Add sand according to the recommendations on your specific model, ensuring the standpipe stays centered.

Slide the cover off the standpipe after you add the sand, and then replace the diverter/basket. Remove any particles of sand from the valve mounting location and then place the O-ring in the groove on the top of the tank.

Install the dial valve on the tank with the hex bolts provided. Tighten bolts evenly, but avoid overtightening. Install the pressure gauge.

Set the dial valve to the "Drain" position, and then perform pump start up according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Run the pump for one minute after a good flow is established, or until the waste water runs clear.

Stop the pump and set the dial on the filter to "Backwash" and start the pump again.

Observe the wastewater for two to three minutes, until it runs clear and then turn off the pump. Set the filter to "Rinse" and restart the pump. Let it run for about 20 seconds and then stop the pump again.


Things You Will Need

  • Sand
  • Hex bolts
  • Wrench

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