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How to Change Sand in a Sta-Rite Sand Filter

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During typical maintenance and standard use, the sand in a Sta-Rite filter will not need to be changed. If the filter is not operating as it should, a backflow procedure will clear the sand of debris and restore the function of the filter. Regular cleaning of the filter, using the backflow function is necessary, but should not be performed on a schedule. A homeowner or technician should instead observe the operation of the filter to determine when a backflow is needed. Change the sand when the filter must be inspected for physical damage, or when the backflow procedure does not correct filtration problems.

Shut down pool pump power at the main breaker and disconnect the filter.

Open the air bleeder at the location marked on the filter, to relieve the pressure.

Remove the drain spigot on the bottom of the filter and allow the sand to drain.

Spray water through the filter with a garden hose to flush any remaining sand out.

Replace the drain spigot on the bottom of the filter.

Open the plastic clamp on the top of the filter, by removing the screws and nuts on each side.

Open the valve on the top of the filter, by pulling the valve flange from the tank flange.

Inspect the inside of the filter for damaged or loose parts.

Set the filter on level ground to be filled.

Insert a funnel into the opening in the top of the filter.

Fill the filter halfway with water, and then slowly pour in the appropriate amount of sand. The amount of sand needed will vary, depending on the model of Sta-Rite filter being serviced. It is printed on the filter nameplate. Use only number 20 standard silica sand.

Remove any spilled, loose sand around the filter opening.

Reposition the o-ring on the top of the filter, if necessary. Press the valve flange back into place on the tank flange.

Hold the flanges together with the plastic clamp and secure the clamp with the screws and nuts; making sure that the nuts sit properly in the retainer slots.


Do not attempts any maintenance on the filter until the pressure is released and the power is disconnected.

After filling with sand and water, the filter can weigh several hundred pounds.

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