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How to Clean a Swimming Pool Solar Cover

By Shelley Marie ; Updated September 21, 2017

Solar swimming pool covers provide warmth to your pool water using the sun's energy. They help retain the heat without extra energy costs, and require little maintenance. Keep your solar cover clean and free of dirt, debris or leaves to keep it working effectively. Use products designed specifically for cleaning solar covers to prevent damage to the material. Regular cleaning can extend the life of your solar pool cover and keep the water warm and comfortable.

Remove the solar cover from the pool, and lay it flat on the lawn.

Spray the solar cover thoroughly with a garden hose to remove any dirt or debris.

Apply solar cover cleaner to the cover according to the package instructions. Scrub the solar cover with a pool brush to remove residue or debris.

Rinse the solar cover thoroughly on both sides.

Place the cover onto the pool, or put it into storage.


Things You Will Need

  • Garden hose
  • Solar cover cleaner
  • Long-handled pool brush


  • For quick cleaning, spray the cover with a garden hose while it's on the pool. Direct any debris into the skimmer opening.

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