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How to Remove a Solar Cover with 1 Person

By Carrie Perles
The bubbles on a solar cover should always face downwards.
swimming pool cover image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com

The best way to remove and store a solar cover is to roll it up using a specialized reel. If you do not own a reel, your next best bet is to fold it concertina style, using two people. If no one else is around, however, you can still remove and store your solar cover safely and in a way that will not shorten its lifespan. You will still need to fold it concertina style, but with several adaptations to make it practical for one person.

Fold any flaps inward so that the cover's sides are completely straight. These flaps might include step coverings or skimmer box inserts.

Draw small black marks on one edge of the solar cover, exactly one meter apart from each other. Do the same thing on the opposite side of the cover, so that the two sets of marks match up perfectly. (You will only need to do this step the first time you are removing the solar cover.)

Pull several meters of the solar cover off the surface of the pool. This length should be lying flat on the ground next to the pool.

Stand at one corner of the cover. Grasp the cover at the second mark, and pull it back until it reaches the corner. The cover will then be folded back and forth once, with the first mark right at one folded crease and the second mark right at the second folded crease.

Repeat this process with the opposite side of the solar cover. You should see the folds on the two sides come together to form one complete fold in the fabric. Make sure that the folded area is completely flat before moving on.

Repeat the previous two steps by grasping the third black mark currently visible and folding the cover again, and then doing the same on the other side. Continue this process until you reach the end of the cover, and the cover is completely removed from the surface of the pool.


Things You Will Need

  • Solar cover
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Permanent marker

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