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How to String a Ryobi BC30

The Ryobi BC30 is a gas-powered trimmer and brush cutter designed to trim areas of grass or weeds that are too thick or too overgrown for a lawn mower to handle effectively. The BC30 can also be tilted to trim the edge of your lawn. The Ryobi BC30 uses a string propelled at high speed as a cutting agent. Over time, the string wears down and needs to be replaced. The job is fairly simple, and the only tool you'll need is a scissors.

Flip the Ryobi BC30 upside down so the spool retainer is facing up. Twist the spool to the right with your hand to loosen and remove the spool retainer.

Cut two pieces of trimmer string 9 feet long, using a scissors.

Place the end of one 9-foot-long piece of string in the anchor hole. This will stop the string from coming loose once the Ryobi BC30 is in use. Wrap the string counterclockwise around the upper track of the spool retainer until roughly 6 inches is left on the string. Insert the end of the string into the notch on the top of the upper track.

Place the end of the second length of string into the anchor hole on the bottom track of the spool retainer. Wrap the second string counterclockwise around the spool until 6 inches is left. Place the second string into the notch on the bottom of the lower track.

Attach the spool retainer to the Ryobi BC30. Place the spool retainer under the brush guard. Turn the spool retainer to the right to tighten and secure the spool retainer to the Ryobi BC30.

Change The String On A Ryobi 31cc Trimmer

Remove the spark plug wire so the trimmer can't accidentally start. Hold the head steady with one hand while you unscrew the bump knob with the other. The string won't advance properly if these teeth are worn. Cut about 40 feet of new line from a roll, using a pair of scissors. If you don't know what diameter line your trimmer takes, match the new line to the old line that you removed from the spool. Loop the line into two equal lengths. Pull both loops tight, and make sure they have equal lengths. Don't allow the lines to cross over each other. Feed the ends of the strings through the eyelets on the cover of the trimmer head, and insert the spool into the cover. Replace the cover on the head and secure it by screwing on the bump knob.

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