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How to Protect Pool Equipment From Weather

By John Marcheur
Pool equipment must be protected against  hazards such as extreme heat and excesive cold.

The need to safeguard pool equipment begins with prevention measures designed to protect against the dangers of weather and environmental hazards. Rain, snowfall and excessive sun exposure are a few of the weather-based hazards that can pose a significant threat to pool equipment. A plan to protect everything from outdoor furniture to cleaning pumps must be implemented to avoid the costs of hastily replacing damaged equipment. The measures of protection are well known and readily available along a number of commercial outlets.

Step 1

Protect pool equipment from weather exposure by using commercial patio furniture covers to avoid exposure to extreme cold, snowfall, and rain. The covers are available in a number of shapes and sizes and can be found at many pool supply stores, and national do-it-yourself chains.

Step 2

Cover pool equipment in a commercial tarp. A commercially available tarp is a useful deterrent that can be used in the summer months as well as fall and winter. Regardless of the type of pool equipment, you can use the tarps to prevent sun deterioration or the effects of precipitation and airborne pollutants. Tarps can be purchased in a variety of sizes and are available at large home improvement chains as well as smaller hardware stores.

Step 3

Hang shade cloths to protect pool equipment. Use a cloth material designed to prevent deterioration caused by prolonged sun exposure in warm climates or during the months of summer and spring. These cloths are often used in greenhouses and for climate regulation and control in gardening. The cloths may be custom knitted by special order to meet your specific needs. Many specialty manufacturers as well as home improvement centers carry a variety of shade cloth material.

Step 4

Purchase all-weather equipment. You may wish to purchase pool equipment designed to resist environmental damage in all weather types. During the manufacture process and to generate their resistant qualities, these items are usually constructed from wicker, teak or metal material. In addition, this equipment type may be treated with chemicals or may be coated in weather proofing.


Things You Will Need

  • Tarp
  • Outdoor furniture cover

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