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Yazoo Lawn Mower Specs

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Power equipment manufacturer Yazoo/Kees has a tumultuous history. First came Kees Lawn and Garden Equipment. Then there was Yazoo Power Equipment. The former purchased the latter and the new entity was dubbed Yazoo/Keys. In 2010, Yazoo/Keys is owned by Swedish company Husqvarna. Based in Mississippi, Yazoo/Keys produces five series and 10 models or riding mowers, each of which has an individual set of specifications. Yazoo/Kees series are: Max III, Max2, Mid-Max ZT, E-Max, and Esteem.


Yazoo/Kees mower engine specifications describe the engine manufacturer, type, power, and fuel tank capacity. All Yazoo/Kees mowers are equipped with either a Kawasaki or Kohler engine. All Yazoo mowers use V-twin engines. A V-twin engine is one designed in a shape similar to the letter “V” as opposed to standard flat and straight engines. Engine power specifications are expressed in both kilowatts and horsepower. Yazoo engine horsepower is in the 20’s for all mowers. Fuel tank capacity engine specs are expressed in both liters and gallons. Some engines have air filters. For these engines, air filter type is listed with other specifications.

Drive System

Drive system specifications for Yazoo/Kees mowers are complex and involve different information for each of the company’s lawn tractors. Drive system type is listed for each mower. Types include hydro-gear, dual hyrdo-gear, and Kanzaki. All Yazoo/Kees mowers have electric clutch blade engagement systems. Other drive system specifications express the speed of the mower, transmission type, steering control, wheel size, and whether the mower is equipped with an electro magnetic clutch. Measurements related to these specifications are expressed in both British and metric units.


Equipment specifications for Yazoo/Kees mowers describe the type and size of each unit’s operating parts. Cutting deck type and width are described. All cutting decks are fabricated. Specs on some models describe the gauge, or thickness, of the blades. Deck width is expressed in both inches and centimeters. Other specifications for equipment include, but are not limited to, minimum and maximum cutting height, number of blades, seat type, deck raising and lowering method, number of anti-scalp wheels, spindle type, and whether or not the unit is equipped with headlights.

Overall Dimensions

There are two overall dimension specifications for all Yazoo/Kees lawn mowers. These measurements are front tire size and rear tire size. Tire size measurements are expressed in inches and describe both the diameter and thickness of the tires for each unit. Such measurements are represented thus: (diameter) x (thickness). On all Yazoo/Kees mowers front tire measurements are significantly smaller than back tire measurements.

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