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How to Load a Ryobi 105R String Trimmer

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Your Ryobi 105r electric string trimmer could be the next best thing to a goat, when it comes to keeping the weeds under control around your lawn and garden. Nevertheless, string trimmers have healthy appetites for new string while chewing through the weeds. Loading new string into your trimmer should be a simple job, once you become familiar with the procedure. One labor saving feature of the Ryobi 105r trimmer is that you do not need to remove the bump knob to load new string onto the inner reel.

Position the Ryobi 105r on a flat surface with the bottom of the reel facing up. Remove the ends of any remaining string from the two locking holes in the inner reel, using needle nose pliers. Pull the remaining loose string out of the reel with your fingers or pliers.

Cut two pieces of nylon string, each about 15 feet long. Turn the inner reel clockwise until the arrow on the inner reel lines up with the arrow on the outer spool.

Insert a piece of cut string into one of the two eyelets in the outer spool, threading it through the corresponding hole in the inner reel. Continue pushing string into the eyelet until several inches of excess string has gathered in the center, adjacent to the bump knob. Grasp the inner end of the string with your fingers and insert ½ inch of it into the nearest locking hole in the inner reel. While holding the string into the locking hole with one hand, pull the slack string out of the outer spool with your other hand.

Repeat the previous step with the second string, in the second string mounting position.

While holding the outer spool with one hand, wind the inner reel clockwise until only about 4 to 6 inches of each string remains outside the spool.


Note that the outer spool, inner reel, and bump knob are three circular, concentric, plastic pieces on the bottom of your Ryobi 105r. The inner reel turns within the outer spool. The bump knob is the black piece in the center that locks the inner reel in place. The two locking holes are located on opposite sides of the inner reel, about ¼ inch from the bump knob in the center. These locking holes hold the inner end of the string in place.

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