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How to Clean Pet Stains on Concrete

By Mary Ylisela
Concrete stains are likely to occur if you have outdoor pets.
dog image by .shock from Fotolia.com

It seems that if your pet went to the bathroom on the concrete it would be no big deal. Just rinse it off and your concrete is fine. But concrete stains, too ,and if repeated pet accidents occur on your concrete, you'll not only have discoloration but will have remove but a pet stain odor. Pet urine and feces have odor-causing bacteria that don't go away unless removed. Remove pet stains on your concrete, thoroughly, to get rid of the smell.

Remove any pet stain substance from your concrete with a scraper. Dispose of the waste properly.

Cover the pet-stained area with a pet odor neutralizer that has enzymes. The enzymes break down the odor-causing bacteria in the pet stain and absorb them. Allow the pet odor neutralizer to sit on your concrete for five or six hours, then sweep it up with a broom and dustpan.

Mix a pet stain cleansing solution of 1 oz. of trisodium phosphate, 1 cup of warm water and 1 cup of talcum powder. Apply the paste in a thick layer over the pet stain on your concrete and allow it to dry and harden for 24 hours.

Scrape the trisodium phosphate paste off your concrete with a scraper and throw it away in a garbage can with a lid where children or pets cannot get to it. Wet a scrub brush with plain water and scrub the site of the pet stain on your concrete. Rinse thoroughly with a hose.

Sprinkling baking soda over the stain if it remains. Pour enough white vinegar on the baking soda to make a thick paste. Allow the vinegar and baking soda paste to sit on the concrete for 10 minutes.

Remove the baking soda and vinegar paste with a scraper. Scrub with a damp scrub brush, then rinse with a hose and allow your concrete to air-dry.


Things You Will Need

  • Scraper
  • Pet odor neutralizer with enzymes
  • Broom
  • Dustpan
  • Measuring cup
  • Trisodium phosphate
  • Talcum powder
  • Bucket
  • Scrub brush
  • Hose
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar


  • Wear rubber gloves and goggles when working with trisodium phosphate.
  • Apply baking soda to the site of a fresh pet stain. The baking soda will wick up the liquid from the pet stain and neutralize the odor while you gather your cleaning supplies.


  • Pet stains left unattended on concrete will attract other dogs and cats to go to the bathroom there, too.

About the Author


Mary Ylisela is a former teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education and mathematics. She has been a writer since 1996, specializing in business, fitness and education. Prior to teaching, Ylisela worked as a certified fitness instructor and a small-business owner.