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How to Prune Chia

Chia pets are an American tradition. Many households have at least one of these cheery little ceramic planters sitting in a sunny location. After you start the seeds over the surface of the planter, it does not take much time or effort before it is time to prune the Chia. What you do with the Chia harvest is up to you. Some people plant special seeds on the Chia pet and harvest the greens for eating; others grow Chia pets simply for décor. Either way, you'll want to groom your Chia to keep it looking healthy and sharp.

Wait until the greens on the Chia pet are fully open and green. This indicates the greens are ready for pruning.

Allow the Chia pet to dry out during the last 12 hours of growing before you plant to prune the Chia pet. Stop spraying the foliage because this will enable you to store the greens in the refrigerator longer if the greens are dry when you prune them.

Cut the greens from the Chia pet with the scissors. Cut approximately 3/8 inch above the point where the greens are growing out of the Chia pet. Cut all around the entire Chia pet to prune evenly around the outer surface.

Place the pruned greens into a plastic bag and seal the bag. Place the plastic bag in the refrigerator and store the greens for up to three days.

Allow the Chia pet to continue growing and prune it again when it is ready.


Chia seeds are a part of the mint family and are dense in nutrients. They are easy to grow and are ready to prune for harvest within one week.

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