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How to Install a Snow Plow on a Poulan Lawn Tractor

By Mark O'Brien
Use your Poulan tractor as a mower in summer and a snowplow in winter.

When the snow begins to fall, you don't have to scoop the snow with a regular shovel. An excellent plan is to bolt a snowplow onto the front of your Poulan lawn tractor and push the snow with it. You can buy any standard snowplow for a lawn tractor from a lawn tractor supply store, and bolt it to the pre-drilled holes in the front of the Poulan lawn tractor frame. You can't adjust the height on your snowplow while driving, but you can set the height of the snowplow when you install it on the front of the Poulan lawn tractor frame.

Park your Poulan lawn tractor on a level spot.

Position the snowplow in front of the Poulan lawn tractor frame. Ask a friend to hold the plow up so the snowplow bracket lines up with the pre-drilled holes on the front of the Poulan lawn tractor frame.

Insert any spacers needed to make the bracket tight against the Poulan lawn tractor frame. Four to six spacers usually come with the snowplow to fit a variety of lawn tractor frames.

Place the bolts that come with the snowplow through each side of the snowplow bracket and Poulan lawn tractor frame. Tighten a nut on the backside of each bolt. Four bolts are usually on each side of the snow plow bracket.

Unscrew the center bolt on the snowplow to adjust the height of the snowplow so it is flush with the ground. Screw the bolt back in once you set the plow to the correct height.


Things You Will Need

  • Wrench set

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