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LT2000 Craftsman Blade Specifications

Craftsman, a brand sold by Sears, produces lawn tractors, which are similar to riding lawn mowers. The ability to add multiple attachments to your lawn tractor is the major difference between lawn tractors and riding mowers. The Craftsman LT 2000 model 28910 lawn tractor was first released in 2009, and it is still available as of 2011. The blades on this mower help you cut down small bushes or grasses.

Cutting Deck

The Craftsman LT 2000 lawn tractor features a cutting deck with two blades. You can adjust the height of the deck and blades to from 1 ½ to 4 inches high, and you can adjust the deck into six different positions by using a single lever. This is a precision cut type deck, and it has a cutting width of 42 inches. You receive a two-year full warranty on the tractor itself and a five-year warranty on the front axle and the frame.

Location of Levers

The blade engage, which starts your mower blades, is located on the hood of your tractor near your adjustable seat. The deck height adjustment is located on the fender. Take care not to hit this with branches since you can damage it. You can reach all of these items from your lawn tractor seat, which is an open-type seat. You also have a cup holder near your seat. All the controls for this tractor are lever-type controls.

Mulching Kit

Besides the standard blades, you can also purchase an optional mulching kit. These kits have fine blades that convert leaves, clippings and small branches and bushes into usable mulch. The kit includes a bag to capture your mulch. Always wash out the bag after each use. You can use cold water or a hose to clean out the bag, but let it thoroughly dry before using the bag again.

Additional Specs

The Craftsman LT 2000 lawn tractor has a steel frame and axle, and the tractor weighs 507 lbs. It uses a Briggs & Stratton Gold series 502 cc, 20 hp engine with one cast-iron cylinder. The engine uses a paper filter, and it has a cooling fan. The fuel tank holds up to 1.5 gallons of gasoline. The hydrostatic transmission has infinite forward and reverse gears. The tractor uses 15 by 6 by 6 inch diameter front tires and 18 by 9.5 by 8 inch diameter rear turf saver tires. It has a turning radius of 16 inches, and it uses disk brakes.

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