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How to Stop a Cat Meowing Outside Your Window

Nothing is more frustrating than crawling into a nice warm bed after a stressful day and being woken up from a peaceful slumber by the loud meowing of a cat just outside your bedroom window. Strays and feral cats are everywhere and it is important to deal with this nuisance in a humane way. Get a good night sleep tonight and every night by dealing with your stray cat issues once and for all.

Ask your neighbors if the cat belongs to them. If this is the case, kindly inquire if they can make sure the cat is in a structure during the evening hours because it is disrupting your sleep.

Block off or cut down any areas outside your windows that the cat could use for a shelter or a place to rest. These include large branches and sheds.

Purchase a humane trap for the cat. Instead of having it put down, bring the cat to an animal shelter and have it placed for adoption. You could also release the cat far away from your home, preferably in a wooded area.

Never feed strays. They will begin to consider your home a reliable food source, and this will keep bringing them back for more.

Phone your local animal control. They may be willing to trap the cat for you and bring it to a local animal shelter or pet rescue organization.

Pour extracts of hot peppers around the perimeter of your home. The smell and taste of this liquid will be very offensive to the cat, and this will keep it away from your window.

Purchase a large dog. The barking dog will frighten away just about every unwanted animal in your yard, including stray cats.

Locate a professional trapper. Make sure to ask the trapper if he or she utilizes humane tactics to eradicate unwanted cats.

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