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The Effect Of Water on Cat Grass

By Jonathan Budzinski ; Updated September 21, 2017
Playful felines will bite and scratch at various household items, including blankets, furniture and houseplants.
cat image by petar Ishmeriev from Fotolia.com

Feline pets are usually attracted to houseplants, attacking the leaves and destroying the stems. Cat grass is a healthy alternative and helps protect delicate blossoms. Watering cat grass is an important way to keep it healthy and maintain growth. Overwatering cat grass or keeping it from direct light can have unforeseen consequences.


Cat grass can be purchased at the majority of local pet stores. It contains seeds for easy-growing oat and wheat grass, generally packaged in shallow containers. The grasses are often grown with a mixture of peat pod and potting soil.


Like all plants, cat grass needs water and sunlight to develop properly. The peat pod usually helps to absorb water for the plant without leaving a mess of soil behind for felines to track throughout the house.


It is very easy to overwater cat grass. The low containers allow for minimal storage space and the plastic lining of the container causes water to evaporate slowly. Be sure to check water levels every time to be certain that watering is necessary.


Overwatering cat grass turns the soil acidic, keeps seeds from germinating and encourages root rot. Contagions and harmful fungi that prefer overly moist soil can infect the grasses and make the grass toxic for your pets. Immediately remove any cat grass that has molds or fungi present in the soil or on the leaves.


A powerful method of preventing mold and overwatering in cat grass is to use a spray water bottle to dampen the soil. This provides less water over a larger area of the soil and helps keep the habitat from becoming favorable to contagions. Keep the grass in an area that gets direct light at some point during the day and be sure to check on it regularly for pests.


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