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How to Install a Filter for a Shark Hand Held Vacuum

By William Pullman ; Updated September 21, 2017

Shark hand held vacuum cleaners are convenient machines that can handle small messes in place of the larger, bulkier vacuum cleaners. The battery-powered cleaners have a detachable dust cup that collects debris for easy disposal. A filter is needed in the dust cup to protect the delicate components of the vacuum motor. Running the vacuum without the filter could lead to dirt and debris entering the motor, causing damage that may render the vacuum inoperable.

Press the dust cup release button located on the top of the cleaner where the dust cup and the motor meet.

Insert the filter into the dust cup. Do not forcibly insert the filter into the dust cup. It should slide in with no resistance.

Align the dust cup with the motor and push the two pieces together. You will hear a click when the dust cup locks in place. You are now ready to use the vacuum.


Things You Will Need

  • Shark hand held vacuum filter (supplied with the unit)

About the Author


William Pullman is a freelance writer from New Jersey. He has written for a variety of online and offline media publications, including "The Daily Journal," "Ocular Surgery News," "Endocrine Today," radio, blogs and other various Internet platforms. Pullman holds a Master of Arts degree in Writing from Rowan University.