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How to Change the Belt on a Eureka Boss Power Plus

For optimal performance, regularly inspect and periodically replace the belt in your Eureka vacuum cleaner. The belt makes the brush roller rotate, making the vacuum more efficient in picking up debris. When the belt stretches or wears out, the vacuum will fail to work properly. Belt replacement is fairly easy and intuitive. Consider replacing your belt if your Power Plus isn’t working like it should.

Repalcing the Belt

Disconnect the power cord from your Eureka Boss Power Plus, and allow the vacuum to cool before attempting to replace the belt. The motor shaft gets very hot and can cause injury.

Press the release button, and lower the handle to the floor. Locate the two screws that anchor the front cover hood in place. Lift the cover to expose the drive belt and the brush roller.

Grasp the left end of the brush roller, and lift it up out of the base. Remove the belt from the brush roller and from the motor pulley. Discard the used belt.

Remove any loose debris from the base area, especially near the motor pulley.

Install the new belt around the motor pulley, and around the right end of the brush roller. Pull the belt tight, and insert the right end of the roller into the base. Place the left end of the roller into the base, making sure to align the roller end caps with the slots in the edge of the base.

Rotate the brush roll, and verify that the belt moves smoothly. Slide the belt so that it lines up with the belt guide on the brush roller.

Replace the cover on your Eureka Boss, and reinstall the two screws that hold it in place.

Change The Belt On An Eureka The Boss Vacuum

Eureka is a company that has made top-of-the-line vacuums for years, the Eureka "Boss" model being one of their most popular. The vacuum belt is the heart of the vacuum. Without it, the brush roll will not turn and you will not be able to effectively brush and clean your floors. If the vacuum belt cracks, wears down or smells as if it is burning, it is time for a new one. Find the control lever that adjusts the height of the brush roll and put it in the "Hard Floor" position. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove these screws. Gently lift up the base plate and remove it. Lift up the brush roll until it slides out, and remove the old belt. Secure the base plate by replacing the screws that you removed in Step 2.


Use replacement part number U 54312 or Style EXT-U 61120.

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