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How To Get Rid of Zoysia Grass

By Heather Topham Wood

Zoysia grass is a hardy, drought-resistant grass that can withstand high amounts of traffic. It is very coarse and can turn straw-colored during periods of extended dryness. Due its hardy nature, getting rid of zoysia grass can prove challenging. It may take several months to completely eradicate zoysia grass from your lawn.

Use an herbicide to kill zoysia grass. The herbicide glyphosate can be used to get rid of the hardy grass. You can purchase a product with glyphosate as its active ingredient from any nursery or hardware store. (One brand of glyphosate herbicide is Roundup.)

Time the application of the herbicide. It is not effective when the grass is dormant. Instead, it should be when it is growing thick and green. Spray the entire lawn using the applicator that comes with the herbicide. Just keep in mind that all types of grass will be killed by the glyphosate. You may want to add a couple drops of dish soap to the mixture before application. This can help the herbicide stick to the grass for better absorption.

Wait a week for the grass to absorb the herbicide. Rake away the grass that has died to monitor how much of the zoysia grass is left. Water the lawn to see if any of the grass is still alive.

Reapply the herbicide after another week. Concentrate on areas of the lawn where you see fresh stems. Give the grass another week before monitoring the growth again. You may need to apply one final spray of the herbicide to kill the grass.

Continue to rake and dispose of the zoysia grass until it is completely gone.


Things You Will Need

  • Herbicide
  • Water
  • Rake
  • Dish soap

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