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How to Get Rid of Algae in a Swimming Pool

By Richard Toole
An algae problem can close down your pool for a week or more while you clean it.

If you notice the water in your swimming pool turning a greenish hue, you probably have an algae problem. In addition to green algae, algae can also appear as a yellowish color, black or pink. An algae problem is usually the result of poor water conditions in your pool caused by the water's pH, low levels of chlorine, warm temperatures and lack of filtration and water circulation. Once you have an algae problem, you will have to use large amounts of chlorine and an algaecide to get rid of it.

Shock your swimming pool with high levels of chlorine. Find the recommended dose of chlorine for your size swimming pool. Add ten times the normal amount of chlorine to the water. Pour all of the chlorine into the deepest part of the pool at one time. It should turn the water a cloudy, blue-grey color.

Turn on your filter and circulate the water constantly. Try to keep the water circulating 24 hours a day for one week after beginning treatment.

Scrub the sides of the pool with a swimming pool cleaning brush. Clean the sides of the pool, the bottom of the pool, all of the ladders and steps, and all filter or plastic pieces.

Vacuum the pool immediately after you scrub the pool with the brush. Use the pool vacuum to suck up all of the algae that you scrub free from the walls and other surfaces of the pool.

Add commercial-grade algaecide to the pool water in the dosage recommended by the manufacturer. Read the product label to ensure the algaecide will kill the particular strain or color of algae that is in your pool. Pour equal amounts of the algaecide into several different locations along the pool wall to ensure it disperses properly. Repeat the treatment within three to five days, or as directed by the product directions.

Scrub and vacuum the pool every day for one week after you begin algae treatment. Keep the water circulating at all times.

Clean your filter each day. Large amounts of algae will be sucked into the filter after you scrub the pool, so you must clean it out daily to prevent the algae from growing inside the filter.


Things You Will Need

  • Chlorine
  • Pool scrub brush
  • Pool vacuum
  • Algaecide