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How to Make Your Pool Sparkle

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The key to making your pool sparkle is consistent maintenance. Establish a weekly routine and adhere to the schedule of cleaning and balancing chemicals. Adjust this schedule as necessary to accommodate pool use, excessive heat and heavy rains.

Water assesment: Most swimming pool supply stores will do testing for free. They will check the pH, total chlorine and free chlorine levels. Follow their recommendations on adjusting these levels. Always adjust pH first before adding chlorine. You should have a home testing kit to use weekly, but it's a good idea to have the professionals check the chemistry about once a month.

Daily: Skim off all debris from the top of pool. If there has been a storm, you might need to pull up large debris up from the bottom of the pool. Brush the sides, bottom and steps toward the bottom drains. Empty the skimmer baskets. Set your pool filter to run for 8 hours per day.

Weekly: Brush the sides, bottom and steps to remove any visible algae growth. Run pool pump for 1/2 hour to see how its doing, removing any debris missed before. Vacuum the pool with your pool vacuum. Test the water and adjust the pH. Refill the chlorine feeder.

Shock the pool. If algae has visible growth, use 2 times the amount of pool chemical you normally use. If no algae is present shock with normal amount of chemical. During heavy use you should ideally shock once every 3-5 days. Make sure to distribute chemicals mostly in the deep end but also around edges. If it settles into one place make sure to brush it off and mix into pool water so it doesn't damage the surface.

Backwash the filter and wash off the pool deck.

Monthly: Add a good algaecide and run the swimming pool pump for 12 hours. Add clarifier and wait a couple of hours. Backwash the filter. Have the pool water tested at your local pool supply store and add chemicals according to their recommendations.

End of season: Run a product through to increase filter efficiency before you close the pool. If your sand filter is over 3 years old you may need to check into replacing the sand media. Major upgrades such as a new pumps, liner or heating system should be done during the off season to get the best value.


Take time to enjoy the pool after you have it in shape.

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