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How to Use a Chipping Hammer

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

How to Use a Chipping Hammer. When doing demolition, a chipping hammer will make quick work of those tasks where a wet saw isn't appropriate and a sledge hammer will do too much damage. Chipping concrete for electrical installation, removing mortar and busting up tile are all made quicker and easier with this time saving invention. Here's how to use a chipping hammer.

Step 1

Read all the manufacturer's directions. It's imperative you know all about your specific chipping hammer to avoid personal injury and property damage.

Step 2

Use proper safety equipment. Chipping hammers throw debris and dust, and in the case of concrete demolition, caustic chemicals as well. Be sure you have heavy duty gloves, long sleeves and long pants, and most importantly, safety goggles to protect your eyes and a mask to protect your lungs.

Step 3

Grease your bit. Use the bit grease that came with your chipping hammer or buy the grease recommended by the manufacturer.

Step 4

Install the proper chisel for the job. If you're cutting wood, be sure to use a wood chisel, for instance. Also make sure the chisel is properly sized for the job. Use a smaller chisel for removing grout and a larger one for removing tile.

Step 5

Clean your chipping hammer after the job is done. Because of the dust and debris made with a chipping hammer, it's imperative that it be cleaned properly after every job. This gives your chipping hammer's motor the longest life possible.


Things You Will Need

  • Recommended safety equipment
  • Bit grease
  • Various chisels
  • Cleaning cloth

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