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A Job Description for a Landscape Operations Manager

By Erica Tambien
Landscape managers may supervise a few workers or a large crew.
Lewis Mulatero/Photodisc/Getty Images

Landscape operation managers ensure that the goals of the property owner and the landscaping company are realized. A good landscape manager can ease homeowners' worries and effectively communicate their needs to workers.


Landscape managers oversee and supervise grounds maintenance workers. Typical duties include creating work schedules, hiring and firing personnel as well as project planning. Landscape managers also frequently provide work cost estimates to customers and serve as a liaison between workers and clients.

Job Qualifications

Most employees only rise to management positions after acquiring years of experience in the field. Formal training in landscape design, horticulture and business management is desirable but not always required.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean hourly wage for landscaping managers was $21.19 in 2009. Earnings vary by location, and other factors can play a role in salary figures. The middle half of all reported wages fell between $15.61 and $25.61 an hour.


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