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How Long Should We Run the Pool Pump in the Summer?

By Rebecca Rogge ; Updated September 21, 2017

Running Your Pool Pump Costs Money.

Running your pool pump constantly uses electricity, which can add up if you choose to run the pump constantly. In addition, the constant hum of the pump can disturb your backyard oasis and quickly grow irritating.

Your Pool Pump Ensures Clear Water.

Your pool's pump system, which filters debris from the water in your pool, is the first line of defense against dirt. Especially during the high-use summer months, you may want to run your pool pump constantly to ensure your water stays clean and clear and ready for swimming.

Bottom Line

Most pool pump systems circulate the pool water completely twice in an eight hour period. Experts like those at Orange County Pool & Spa recommend you run the pump "all the time for maximum circulation and debris removal. A minimum of 8 hours a day in summer ... is highly recommended."


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