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How to Get Air out of a Swimming Pool Pump

By Johnathan Cronk
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The pool pump is a crucial part in the swimming pool’s plumbing as it ensures proper flow of water and circulation. When your pump is not moving water efficiently or forcefully, water is trapped inside. Priming the pump takes a few steps--and in some cases repeated a few times--to restore the prime and contribute to quality pool water.

Turn the power to the pump off by switching the circuit breaker to off or unplugging the electrical cord.

Close the outlet valve on the skimmer. Close both the inlet and outlet valve on the pump. Depending on the model pump, it may have only an outlet valve.

Twist open the lid of the pump slowly. This process allows air to escape from the pump and relieves pressure.

Remove the strainer basket within the pump and clean out any debris, leaves or sticks that are in the strainer. Rinse the strainer with a garden hose to ensure all dirt is removed. Place the strainer back into place on the pump.

Fill the strainer basket and pump with water using a garden hose. Replace the pump lid by placing the lid in place and pushing down while twisting. Tighten the lid to avoid air getting into the water line.

Restore power to your pool pump. Slowly open the valve on the pool skimmer to allow proper flow of water. Open the inlet valve on the pool pump, followed by the outlet valve. Open all valves slowly to prevent fast water flow and air bubbles. You will notice as you open the valves, the pump will catch its prime and the water will be pumping efficiently. Repeat these steps as necessary.


Things You Will Need

  • Garden hose

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