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How to Apply Brush Killer

By Alicia Bodine
Apply brush killer to remove unwanted shrubs.
Petite bananeraie en Martinique image by JYF from Fotolia.com

Trees, weeds and vines all sprout up on your property seemingly out of nowhere. This happens when birds and other animals bring or drop seeds on your lawn as they pass by. Most of this brush will be difficult to remove by pulling and digging. It is much more effective to apply brush killer.

Dress in protective clothing, including gloves and a mask. Brush killer can irritate your skin and your lungs.

Spray herbicide on the leaves and weeds contained to an area where there are no other plants or flowers that could be harmed by the herbicide. This is the fastest way to apply brush killer. If there are nearby plants, do not use this method. The spray could drift and kill nearby plants.

Apply the brush killer with a paintbrush to weeds and stems of plants located near other shrubbery. This method gives you the most control, preventing you from accidentally applying the herbicide on any wanted plants or flowers.

Cut the brush down as low as you can with pruning shears. Paint brush killer on the cut stumps. Cover the entire surface area.


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