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How to Decorate With Osage Orange

By Chelsea Hoffman
Osage orange tree.
a tree image by timur1970 from Fotolia.com

The osage orange, or horse-apple, grows throughout the United States. A perennial shrub, the flowering tree produces fruit of the same name with rugged, green skin. The abnormal appearance of the osage orange makes it an excellent choice in decor for the home and patio. Making your own osage orange decor is only limited by your creativity.

Beautiful paisley design.
Paisley image by Platinum Pictures from Fotolia.com

Paint the osage oranges with a variety of designs, or in solid, bright colors. Use craft stencils to make designs such as ivy vines, flowers and paisleys. Allow the paint to dry for approximately eight hours.

Place the twigs in the wicker basket and arrange them so the foliage hangs over the edge of the basket. Arrange the painted and dried osage oranges on top of the branches so they show through the foliage.

Place the decorative basket on a table or shelf in your home. Alternatively, osage orange baskets make wonderful centerpieces at picnics and barbecues.


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